About the PTA

Mission Statement

College Street Normal School PTA is a voluntary non-profit organisation whose mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families to advocate for all children at College Street Normal School.

This is achieved by building strong working relationships among parents, teachers and the Board of Trustees in support of its students. The real working capital of the PTA lies in its members, not its treasury.


To advance education by:

  • Providing an effective communication link between the students, parents, caregivers, principal, teachers and the Board of Trustees of College Street Normal School.

  • Encouraging and developing parental and community involvement in College Street Normal School.

  • Encouraging new families to integrate into the school’s culture.

  • Supporting the school through fundraising to improve facilities and opportunities for the benefit of the students of College Street Normal School in accordance with school policies and guidelines.

  • Supporting the school in providing some resources for students’ educational, social, cultural and sporting activities at College Street Normal School. Maintaining a close liaison with the Board of Trustees of College Street Normal School.


All parents, caregivers, whānau and staff of College Street Normal School are members of College Street Normal School Parent Teacher Association.


The PTA functions through an Executive Committee comprised of elected officers. The elected officers are chosen each year at the AGM and are responsible for the administration of the PTA’s activities and finances.

All parents, caregivers, whānau and teachers are automatically members of the College Street Normal School PTA and their participation is encouraged and welcomed. The Executive committee and PTA members collectively work together to further the PTA’s aims and objectives.

PTA Executive Committee

  • Chairperson: Jaclyn Turner

  • Vice Chairperson: Rachel Hall

  • Secretary: Stefanie Steward

  • Treasurer: Jarod Steward

  • Vice Treasurer: Lucy Burt

  • General Officers: Catherine Irwin, Helen Orr, Emma Savoian and Stace Bannister-Plumridge

School Senior Leadership

  • Principal: Ross Kennedy

  • Deputy Principal: Corinne Rowe

Teacher Representative:

  • Ashley Durston

College St Normal School PTA usually meets twice a term and at the annual general meeting (AGM), usually held in March.

How you can become involved

Volunteers are an integral part of what the PTA does and parental involvement is encouraged and welcome. We understand your time is valuable-that’s why we’re happy with whatever amount of time you can contribute. Some of the tasks can be done at home and take very little time or you can always support PTA events by simply turning up and taking part.

Here are just a few of the ways you can be involved:

  • Attending PTA Meetings

  • Providing Baking

  • Paperwork Collation

  • Data Entry

  • School Lunches

  • School Disco

  • Student Calendars

  • Year 6 Leavers Breakfast

  • Year 6 Yearbook

  • Assembly Morning/Afternoon Tea Hospitality

  • Specific Projects eg. Fundraisers and School Gala, Fun Day

We encourage the involvement of all parents and are always looking for new ideas for events that bring the community together.

If you are interested to find out more about being a PTA volunteer or wish to put your name on our volunteer data base, please get in touch with us at csnspta@gmail.com and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.