Post School Programme

At College Street Normal School we provide an after school care programme for your convenience.
Our programme offers a safe and stimulating environment that operates out of the hall between 3.00-5.30pm weekdays.

The programme runs as follows:


  • Children arrive at Post School / juniors are collected and brought to Post School.

  • They are broken into three syndicate groups for a roll call and a healthy afternoon tea.


  • All children have a hand they use to sign in that shows whether they are playing inside or outside and who the supervisor is that is overseeing them each day.

ACTIVITIES | 3.30-4.50pm

  • They are then given a run down on the activities on offer for the day.

    These include a rolling timetable of the following stations:

    Quiet time with library books, beans bags and cushions
    Cars, car tracks and mat
    Building blocks
    Sports Gear, both indoor and outdoor
    Colouring in, puzzles, word finds, sudoku etc
    Arts and crafts
    Train and train tracks
    A large range of board games and puzzles
    Dolls and toys

DEVICE USE | 4.30-4.50pm

  • Children are allowed to use a device during this time in a designated area where a supervisor is responsible for monitoring use. Children are only allowed to access learning websites during this time. Inappropriate use of a device will result in this privilege being removed.

PACK UP | 4.50-5.00pm

LATE SNACK | 5.00-5.10pm

  • The children are given a late snack.

GROUP GAME | 5.10-5.30pm

  • The children are involved in a group game/s together.


Any child not collected by 5.30pm will incur a late fee.


To enrol your child in Post School, please collect an Enrolment Form from the office, complete it and drop it back to the office. These details are kept on file at Post School.

Children can be enrolled to attend either on a casual basis or regular basis.

Casual Basis

  • If your child is attending Post School in a casual basis, ring the school office on 358 1092, between 8.30-2.30pm on the day you wish your child to attend.

Regular Basis

  • If your child is attending Post School on a regular basis, ring the school office on 358 1092, if he/she will not be attending on his/her regular days.


The Post School fee is $7.00 per hour. After the first hour, Post School is charged in a half hourly basis.

Post School works on a prepay system therefore you are expected to be in credit at all times. Payment can be made to the school office or online:

Account: 06 0729 0545996 00
Reference: Child’s Name and PS

Behaviour Expectations

Our School wide expectation is “RESPECT”.

We focus on the School Values: Resilience, Kindness, Respect and Excellence as our Treaty for Post School.

A consequence for children not being respectful or displaying our values at Post School will include:

  • Time out where they are to reflect on their behaviour and how it affects others.

  • Acting on and making it right.

  • Loss of privilege and exclusion from a chosen activity.

  • Parents will be kept informed as required.

  • For more serious behavior the Principal or Deputy Principal will be involved.

Post School is a service we provide for our children’s after school care and we want to ensure that it is a safe and happy place for all.